MID, Your Trusted Interior Design Partner

When you entrust your space to an interior design firm, you want them to be the best at what they do. With MID Design you can rest assured that your interior design project is not only in safe hands, but also with the best.

MID Design gives you access to exclusive interior design services, a customized business approach, and an exceptional knowhow, through which we are capable of delivering excellence.

Our seasoned team enjoys over a decade of experience in handling high-end projects for the most sophisticated clients, and with our intuitive ability to listen to your need




as well as to observe and analyze your preferences, we deliver spaces that resemble you in the tiniest details.

We promise you a personalized customer care, innovative design solutions, high-quality finishings, on-time delivery and mostly, a luxurious and harmonious space that speaks volumes of your sense of refinement and elaborate taste.

Whether you have a studio, an apartment, a villa or a commercial property; whether you’re a fan of neo-classical design or fancy a rather ultra-modern interior; MID Design will flatter your senses and indulge your quest for luxury.

A Mark of Prestige

MID Design is a seal of quality and a brand that’s intrinsically prestigious. We stand for leadership, lavishness, refinement and craftsmanship. Our brand builds on passion for interior design, creativity and innovation to deliver exquisite spaces, ones where life thrives and abundance reigns.



We’re masters of our craft. We have the drive and can-do attitude to translate your vision into a beautiful reality that brings out your character, with an artsy touch that makes it stand out. We inspire radiance and elegance, and with our attention to details, professionalism and hard work, we are capable of creating interiors that move people. MID Design, Interiors with Flair.

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